Soldier baby!!!!

Routines! Routines!.. Babies love ROUTINES!!!

Sadly, I haven’t been privileged to have one of those older women, aunties or mum’s that are there to teach you how to properly breastfeed a baby, what to do in order to get a baby to sleep in order for you to equally get some shut eye, etc..But ofcourse I’m grateful for everyone in my life that’s been more than helpful.

Baby Centre has literally raised our little girl😬😅…ofcourse my partner and I have played a huge role😌. Fast forward to after I had gone passed ‘baby blues’ (will speak more about this in another blog) and I had a helper that came in to teach me and help me with alot of stuff around the baby and home…still I wasn’t getting enough sleep, I’d just stare at Gabrielle and later soothe her till she decided it was time for us to sleep, even if it meant that time was midnight🥵

Later, I came across an article about about ‘bedtime routines’, it made mention of how babies love routines and once you introduce a nap, feeding or whatever kind of routine they will always follow it. Sounds easy right!?.. It is relatively easy, as long as you excercise patience because that’s the only way you’re gonna win!

There are so many different routines and you need to figure out which one works for your baby, i.e a bath/sponge, bedtime story. I have to admit that it came easy to me because from the time my baby was born she’d always liked taking baths and generally just liked being in water (could be because I swam alot when I was pregnant…Meh….I don’t know😅) and so I did the following things for our bedtime routine;

1. Gave her a night bath

2. Used the night Vaseline and powder (to help her relax and calm)

3. Turned off the lights and left the door open to only let in a little light

4. Placed her in her cot or on my bed and just watched her fall asleep and if she couldn’t sleep I’d rock her(by the way you can’t spoil a baby, so do whatever works and help the baby sleep), give her a pacifier or play a lullaby.

These things helped me and my baby get some sleep but as I’ve earlier come to discover, illness, growth spurts, separation anxiety, teething and other things may disturb your bedtime routine but that doesn’t mean you need to drop your routine…when everything is back to normal your baby will readjust.

I am no expert but if it’s worked/working for me, then it can work for you too!!! Remember, a happy mummy makes a happy baby❤️

I hope this article helps you establish a routine that works for your baby

Author: Being_A_Mom

I am a first time mom, who has had her fair share of experiences, struggles, Joys, ups and downs and here to share my experiences!!!

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